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Epidemic & Dreamtek - Stealth Bombers (Prod. Loop Holes) (2014) (youtube.com)
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01. Prey
02. Cage Ish
03. Deep Impact
04. Stealth Bombers
05. Test Mine
06. Venting
07. Play My Corner (Feat. Efeks)
08. How We Do
09. Raw Raps (Feat Robust)
[*]. Untitled Track (Bonus Track)

The first installment of a "Bassment Tapes" series, each including a different guest emcee and sonic atmosphere as well an assortment of different producers. "Write To Remain Violent" takes Epidemic back to its hardcore roots with a vengeance. Chicago native: Dreamtek joins forces with the lyrical duo as the three emcees go toe to toe in a battle of lyrical supremacy over hardcore boom bap production. Producers include Double Lyfe, The Loop Holes, Giallo Point, DJ Qvali, One-Take, and 5th Element, while guest features include Efeks, Robust and DJ Tha Boss. Each "Bassment Tapes" project is specifically intended for a 12" release (hence the 30 min length) and will be initially released as a limited edition cassette tape.