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C​-​Rayz Walz ft. Spit Gemz & Oxilla Born - Understanding (2015) (soundcloud.com)
In this day and time the masses focus on "music" that talks about nothing!
It is NOW the day and time where man stops confusing his own ideals with Universal Truth! Today WE don't debate Actual Facts WE apply them! Either you Cee it or you don't....we are The True and Living. The search for the Divine begins and ends within man, King of all Kings! ALMIGHTY!
Those who use deceptive intelligence (tricknowledge) to rally others around THEIR ideas through music, usually only inspire the Dumbest, Deafest & BLINDEST of people of The Total Population as their followers.
We Rally Kings and Queens. We Build with Gods and Earths. We Maintain Solar Systems.
We Are Suns, Moons, and Stars!

This is Gods Music.
If you are Down w/ The Devil this is not for you.
This is not TRAP music.
This is The Rhyhmic Scroll to Decode Your Soul When Ya 3rd Eye Zones.
Knowledge God in order to Build and Destroy.

Support Life or Death. The Choice is Your