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The Elementz ft. Skinnyman - High Grade (2008) (youtube.com)
The Elementz - Crushmode

Hip Hop production outfit The Elementz consist of two man production crew LIATI and ZOUTR. Having DJ’ed on the UK Jungle circuit throughout the 1990s, the two met promoting dances and producing cuts with the likes of Nebula 2 (Reinforced Records) and DJ Fever (Out Da Ville / Hip Hopera). The records they were buying reflected the diversity of the classic Jungle scene, but when they began buying funk and soul cuts with the aim of hunting down breaks, they saw something more, and took a step back to their Pre-Hip Hop roots. The introductory Incredible Bongo Band and The JB’s led The Elementz to bands like The Meters and the New Jersey Kings who helped them develop their sound. Growing up with a mixed background of music ranging from soul, reggae and punk, into electro and Hip Hop, The Elementz take their influences from anything they feel has soul. They’ve become versatile and varied with their productions scooping much critical acclaim for their work. The Elementz are currently receiving requests from America, South Africa, New Zeland, and their native Great Britain to lend their unique production skills to some of the worlds hottest emerging talent.

Why this name?
The name came about whilst LIATI was out in New Zeland a few years back. He was listening to some of ZOUTR's new beats taking in the scenery in a hire car when the name struck him. "THE ELEMENTZ is a name which doesnt sound straight HIP HOP, it sounds funky and open. It makes you think of variety and balance - which is how we make our music" says LIATI.

Do you play live?
We play across the UK all the time. Right now our home city of Nottingham's Hip Hop / "Urban" scene is on top of the stack with London which means theres a bag of shows to perform at. Each one is different, they all teach you something and get your sound heard. Theres special moments every time. The Elementz represent and come versatile at every show.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
By making it accesable to whoever want to move up. We have tools in this generation than no one before us have ever had. We can make our music heard and start to profit from it without a major deal like never before. Mainly we coming together. The world is no longer a big place.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Most Def when the right deal comes along. We aint stupid yo!

Band History:
Holla at [email protected] or [email protected] for any further information and/or to receive a press pack.

Your influences?
Funk, Soul, & R&B Music. Theres too many cats to list right here. Off the top: Aretha, Marvin, The Meters, The Wailers, Bob James, Roy Budd, Jill Scott, The Whole Hip Hop Movement,and every type of artist who has soul and energy.

Favorite spot?
NOTTZ CITY! For real though, anywhere we land man.

Anything else...?
Hit us up at theelementz.co.uk - email to [email protected] or [email protected]