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Mr Lif - Jugular Vein (2014) (youtube.com)
From: Mr. Lif - Emergency Rations

I just want you to know that your contributions are sincerely appreciated. Your donations help me pay for studio time in which a recruit talented engineers to craft each song into a unique sonic experience. Your support also allows me acquire the necessary audio equipment to take each song to the potential I envision when the genuine inspiration first enters my mind.

The bond between an artist and his or her supporters is unique and really is indigenous to each band or soloist. Over the years, I have found there to be no greater satisfaction than taking the time to speak with y'all after my shows. The contrast of going from the isolation of months in the studio to finally hitting the stage and seeing the response that those intimate moments of creativity evoke from those who listen is tough to capture with words. It is truly a priceless experience. It's those moments that I have spent talking with y'all, signing autographs, having intellectual debates, and laughing that fuel me the most.

Now, as a vet who's been in this business for quite some time, I find that there is no greater driving force behind my creativity than my desire to give you all something that will in it's most simple form help to get you through your day. In it's most realized & ambitious form, I hope that my songs contain elements that will become a part of you and last a lifetime and beyond.

It is my honor to have a chance to craft the soundtrack to your lives. If I can supply the sound scape for even one moment that you'll always remember, I feel my purpose has been served. I am humbled to have been blessed with what creativity I have, and it is my pledge to you that I will continue to dive deep within myself to present our experiences of life in this world in ways that you find inspiring, captivating, intriguing, and fulfilling.

Thank You!

-Mr. Lif 2014