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Seasunz & J.Bless ft. Stic. Man - Global Warning (2010) (youtube.com)
Seasunz & J.Bless - Earh Amplified

10% of the proceeds from this project go to the Green Job Training Fund at the Oakland Green Youth Arts and Media Center (www.greenyoutharts.org).

Earth Amplified, the new full-length release from Seasunz + J.Bless, is set for release on June 21, 2010. This seminal Green Hip Hop album features lyrics that touch on many of the environmental and socio-political issues of the day, highlighted by Oakland-based frontman Seasunz, who uses his virtuoso vocals to move effortlessly between melodic narratives, hardcore rap, double-time flow, reggae, and blues styles. Produced by Brooklyn-based J.Bless and multi-instrumentalist Golden Horns, the organic sound of Earth Amplified’s heavy, layered beats blend influences ranging from afrobeat, dancehall, funk and old school soul with the jazz vibes of Golden Era Hip Hop.

The album features guest appearances from stic.man (dead prez), Killah Priest (Wu-Tang), Zumbi (Zion I), Wes Restless (The Gents, Dynamic Vibrations), Rocker T (Jah-Warrior Shelter) and Jahiti (Brownfish).

Every movement needs a soundtrack and Earth Amplified is a Hip Hop anthem for our times. It bumps – and packs a potent message. The new album captures today’s sense of urgency as it illustrates the plight of the planet. Covering topics from food and water security, climate change, poverty and prisons, to the potential for social transformation, it is rooted in a fierce passion for justice. But this is no idealistic, hippy album. This is the conscious rap of 2010 – edgy, unrelenting, textured and melodically complex, unwilling to shy away from a real look at the world we’re living in.