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Oddity - By Chaos They Reign (2008) (youtube.com)
Oddity - Illegal Truth

As an activist, promoter, and MC, Oddity has brought a new breath of hope to the hip hop game and to all musical genres. With a gripping voice along with a unique style and a mind ripping delivery he brings a new sound to a monotonous genre. Bringing social awareness with fresh relevant lyrics and banging tracks, his debut album "Illegal Truth" knocks with a vengeance as his lyrics breathe life to hard-to-swallow reality, the struggle, hip hop and government conspiracies. After years of playing shows, freestyling on corners to working and writing with various artists, this project will give Oddity his long overdue shine. Tracks such as the heavy hitting "By Chaos They Reign" explore the dark side of politics war and religion through fierce word-play and a fist pumping hook, "By Chaos they reign, By Chaos they reign, But they will never gain control of my brain". On the hard knocking "Money Money Money" Oddity and Gutter Water feature Castor Pollux make a mockery of the obsession of materialism and ego that mainstream hip hop displays, fueled by a funky joint produced by Dysposable Heroes. The album's mood swings from funny, to cynical, to dark and then even darker, but maintains the integrity and intelligence that Oddity's MC style personifies.