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Jackie Hill Perry - Dead Preacher (@jackiehillperry @humblebeast) (
Verse 1:

Wake up6 in the morningSon is steady shiningThe blinds risingI’m yawningReading to get this moneyKevin heartlessEddie hustleMy struggleNothing funnyOpen this book of tricksMagician dipped in ArmaniOpen this book of scriptsScripture flipping I’m runningOut of time to findScriptures slick to get moneyOut the pockets of bodiesPick pocketing pewsProphet is what they call meMy pockets profit off youI retain the stockWhen I exchange the truthMy aim is not to click bang shoot at theJews/JewelsWho’s hanging round my neckBlue diamonds on my nooseA parable’s what ill preachTithes rise when they confusedConvicted sometimesA 9-5 I cantI John 9High 5And rob the saintsIt’s easyI’m giving out masks todayA masqueradeThey just doing what they master sayI’m passing lanesListening to Wu-Tang in my speakerSipping my macchiatoGotta get my cream upGot communion in the A.M.Hope they don’t whine like crushed grapesBlood pressure raisingHeard a voice say“Aye, you remind me of Balaam.”Heard about him beforeTwo colors what I paint withAll I see is green like the Wiz when his mind changesI take a puff of purpI preach good when I fly with angels 

Verse 2:

As I stand before the people underneath the steepleKinda thinkin twice like I’m repeating sequelsThen I think about my life bigger than cathedralsHow its flyer than a kite on the back of eaglesI’m good on getting low like I float with seagullsYou can’t shake meI aint Haiti with a case of seizuresSo open up the book of GodMy motives hidden like it’s living in some camouflageCameras areAll around mePaparazza feelin’Papa bought to rob the children up out they chillen’sMy pupils to the ceilingLike students sitting on the roofPrayers loosedI hope he hear itNever mindLets get in this textA 100 or so characters in front of meTell em turn John 3When the singers done like John BMy mind seems to be lightLike highbeamsRead right into the story of God’s sonMy Nas stomach feeling funnyI can’t focusThis problemI can’t show itThe tape rollingThey ready to swim and I’m Frank OceanI think conviction gripping my neckAnd I can’t chokeThis hopeIs prying my eyes openNo one sees my soul is solarThe son is coming for meTell him waitEntire place is quiet nowMy wife’s face is a quiet frownMy mind state is a choir nowI’m prostrateMy face is downMy mind is changedI whisper vowsHe listens nowI’m wowed howHe’s everything I’ve been looking forIn the book I was flipping like a gymnast or a centerfoldFor some sinner doughNow I know he knows this sinner thoughSo my soul was searching for a source to put his symptoms onNow my soul is richer than it’s ever beenHeaven sent medicineSeen it in the middle of my meddlin’Sin was in my skin but now his riches in my melaninNow my soul is richer than it’s ever been

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