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Boom Bap Festival 2014 [Highlights] (
Our highlights from Boom Bap Festival 2014, performances and antics. If you haven't yet, then check our music videos with a load of the featured artists... the Sektion Red website coming soon.

In the mean time find Sektion Red here:

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@0:40 Skinnyman - I'll be surprised
@2:21 The Four Owls - Not Like Before
@3:52 Chester P - Urban Jackanory
@5:52 NLP ft. Leaf Dog - Heavyweight
@7:30 CW Jones
@9:00 Lee Scott - Tunnel Deep
@11:53 CAS is Dead - Charlotte
@13:40 Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy
@15:20 Ghostface Killah ft. BVA - Protect Ya Neck
@17:23 Luca Brazi (ft. Archetype & Mnsr Frites) - Breakdown
@18:08 Split Prophets (ft. Jman & Prime) - Weedmasons Anthem
@19:40 Richy Spitz - Wonder
@20:58 Dirty Dike - Catch me if you.....Nah

With so much going on we did miss a couple of artists we'd love to have seen and captured, but love too all, we'll see you next year! Preach.