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Cricet - Flossin (1994) | Official Video (youtube.com)
From the single "Flossin" Produced by The Whole 9

RWI Records, 1994.

Since the age of 10 Arner A. Moering III aka Cricet, has had a natural talent and love for music. Growing up in a musically inclined family Cricet was exposed to all styles of music. His first real exposure to "rap" came from an uncle who came to live with the family from Queens, NY. Cricet's uncle put together his own record-which was literally unheard of in those days. Over the next 10 years these early experiences would prove vital.

At the age of 14, Cricet along with two childhood friends formed the local rap group "The Foundation". This group wrote and produced all of their own music performing in local talent shows and special events their popularity set a trend and others began to follow. During his teenage years the group went it's separate ways, but Cricet continued on after his dream.

Meeting MC Hammer in 1994 was the perfect opportunity for Cricet to spread his wings. After hearing Cricet, Hammer signed him to a contract on "Roll With It" records. Soon after work began on the self-titled album "Cricet". Over the next two years Cricet had the once in a life time chance to travel to far away lands such as Egypt, Europe, Paris, Romania, and Japan. Due to Hammer's personal problems and the powers that be, Cricet's album never came out. He and Hammer severed all ties and went their separate ways but Cricet walked away with valuable knowledge of the record business.

In 1996 Cricet and friend Michael Pediford of San Diego based "Sycuan Casino" put together "Big Chief Records". With the goal of establishing this label as world renowned, Cricet went to work in the studio. The outcome, he wrote and produced "The Prophecy". Cricet also made connections to form another group of close-knit friends into "E-Mortal Gang"-who he produced.

Big Chief Records did not make it through the hard times but Cricet never gave up. Still making it happen for the simple love of it, he has a song on the worldwide soundtrack "MVP's" (Certified Records) and the first black and Hispanic compilation "Boys in the Hood and in the Barrio" (BMG/Jive). Cricet has also produced several local artists including DefJams's Jayo-Felony, and a list of major artist features like Keith Murray, Max B, Suga Free, Yukmouth, E-40, Grammy winners Layzie Bone & Bizzy Bone (of Bone Thugz N Harmony) and super artist Pitbull.

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