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Mr Lil One - Mr Lil One (2000) (youtube.com)
Lil One ‎– Once In A Decade

Despite having one of the most humble names in hip-hop, there's nothing humble about Mr. Lil One. A veteran of the San Diego Chicano gangsta rap scene, he has been laying down cold-hearted street parables and brutal horror-core rhymes since the mid 1990s. Mr. Lil One's seminal 1996 debut album returned from the dead 10 years after in the re-release ONCE IN A DECADE: THE RESURRECTION on Toltec Records. Recording information: Bottomless Pit Studios, San Diego, CA.


(Verse 1)
well its loced out Lil one and I'm comin all up in here blastin
Everybody wanna know where I wanna go got em' all askin
Wantin me to ride nut em' all up inside but I got pride
And I feel none of them are real so I never kneel to a pair of heels
And I know how to read a mind give a Lil time and I will devine anyone
That'll wana go showin off a gun when you never done redrum
Ready boy you better be if you ever wanna get ahead of me
I be locin provokin anybody that I wana smoke as I start em' all up in a path
Give a good past then I'm gonna laugh and I'm gonna go lay a little low
so the 5-0 will never know that I'm gonna lead em'
I'ma defeat em' ain't no one to lead em' anywhere I feel
Still I gotta be the man of rhymes when I'm in your minds friends full of lies
When you gotta a whole lot of ends then you got a whole lot of them friends
But you gotta be the one to know when they wanna come put a Lil show
So I give em' all a big smile write em' up put em' all up in a file
and I send em' on their way as they all say

(Chorus 4X)

(Verse 2)
Now before I get up in the mix let me run em' all down how I get down
I be one of a kind every mankind will you find of mine
That so sick like a berreta that I never let another get ahead of me
I be all up in your thoughts feel the gun shots now your full of blood clots
Any one that'll feel against this suspense well your fin to rest for a long time
Never drop a dime not a good sign when your in a pine box
And all wanna reminisce you all the girls wanna come and kiss you good bye in the lips
Why wait till your dead all in the mix if you never have then you never should
Cuz I never would even though I could. Still I had to give em' all a diss
And I insist that you never risk any one with a right mind cuz you might find that
Your really no good then screw ya went through ya now do ya feel the voodoo
Goin all up in your veins ain't that a shame
now you really feel the pain and theres no one there for you to lean on
now you gotta go and get your fiend on
And know I be the one baller lil one can I get a dollar?
Hell no first I gotta hear you holler

(Chorus 4X)

(Verse 3)
Now never could I be the one that'll run rather over come
Any class of a man now I gotta ban anyone
that'll stand in my way only one way
that I'll ever pay that's your death
As you know this rigormortis by the man named in the chorus
I gotta be the baddest of them all never will you find even a little flaw
This locness and dopeness leavin all my nemesis hopeless
And never find a man that'll make any man have a doubt what he's all about
Take him on a route with the grim reaper
So why would you wanna diss?
Now I gotta leave you in a bloody mess
Any body else that'll run around
dig em' in the ground
find em' all spellbound
And get em and I'm gonna wet em
bloodshed oh never will I ever let em
Escape me elevate me said you hate me
but you can't take me
See lil one be the baddest
well mad man be the maddest
and we got em all up in the mix
Everybody wanna come and get a glimpse
of them locs with a sick mind 619 right around time

(Chorus 4X)