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DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #161 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) by Radio RapTz | Mixcloud (mixcloud.com)
DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #161 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)
#HipHopShow supported by TEQNiK G / Sir Diggy / Trademarc (Strange Famous Records) / Oak LoneTree / Illa Styles / Judgement (The Society Of Invisibles) / Klepac / Mil Beats & DJ Djaz (Effiscienz) / Nomad Carlos / Mallz / J Bond (Illpo) / Precyce Politix / Lena Jackson / IQ (The Nemesis Two) / Lee Ricks / Die-Rek / Ethemadassassin & Celinski (9th Floor) / 3rd Born / Suelo / Lejend / Che Uno / Ruste Juxx / Skanks The Rap Martyr / DJ Eclipse (Rock Steady Crew) / Realio Sparkzwell / Taiyamo Denku / BoFaatBeatz / DJ Tekwun / Tha Soloist / Clever 1 (Da Buze Bruvaz) / DJ TMB / Daniel Son (Brown Bag Money) / Bugsy H. / Estee Nack (Tragic Allies) / DJ Kosh, and more...

On-air Jeudi 20h / Thursday 8pm CET Paris.
Podcasts are available to listen on www.raptz.com/podcastfilter/le-ronsha-mix/ & www.raptz.com/shows/le-ronsha-mix/
1- DJ Kosh "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Oak LoneTree "Telly Savalas"
3- DJ Mixx & Tone Spliff "You Know" (feat. Graig G) [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
4- D.I.T.C. Studios "No Promises" (feat. Cory Gunz)
5- SmooVth & Giallo Point "Midnight" [Remix]
6- Mallz "Championship Rounds" (feat. Illpo)
7- SmooVth & Giallo Point "Unexpected Come Ups" (feat. Estee Nack) [Remix]
8- Ruste Juxx & BigBob "Permanent Damage" (feat. Skanks The Rap Martyr & Pee General Of Bankai Fam) [Cuts by DJ Eclipse]
9- DJ Tekwun "That Ol' Boom Bap" (feat. Precise)
10- Illa Styles "Wish They Could See Me Now" (feat. God Golden)
11- The Nemesis Two & Lee Ricks "Don't Get Comfortable" (feat. Die-Rek)
12- Klepac "Meaner"
13- Precyce Politix "Praise" (feat. Lena Jackson)
14- Realio Sparkzwell & DJ Audas "No Pork" (feat. Mage 9)
15- Trademarc (Strange Famous Records) "Wild Man" (feat. Rapswell)
16- Action Bronson & The Alchemist "Descendant Of The Stars"
17- Tha Soloist x A Dusty Cinema "Just For You"
18- The Quarter Inch Kings x Che Uno "Everybody Eats" (feat. King Bliss, DNTE & Cousin Feo)
19- TEQNiK G & DJ Prominent "Gram A Watt" (feat. Che Bong)
20- Sir Diggy "Designed In Gotham" (feat. Stu Bangas)
21- Clever 1 (Da Buze Bruvaz) "C.H.I.P" (feat. Him Lo)
22- Judgement (The Society Of Invisibles) & The Premonist "Boop"
23- 3rd Born & Suelo "Hex Grip" [Cuts by DJ JabbaThaKut]
24- Precyce Politix "Bloodsport Champion" (feat. Mallz)
25- Nomad Carlos & Inztinkz "Crepe Sole Flow"
26- King Syze "Animal"
27- The Quarter Inch Kings x Che Uno "Julio" (feat. Daniel Son & DJ Grouch)
28- D.I.T.C. Studios "Frequencies" (feat. O.C.)
29- Sir Diggy "Q" (feat. Stu Bangas)
30- Eto & Mil Beats (Effiscienz) "44 Large" [Cuts by DJ Djaz]
31- Al-Doe & Spanish Ran "Church Bells"
32- King Syze "Razor Blades" (feat. DJ TMB)
33- 9th Floor (Ethemadassassin & Celinski) "Hardbody" (feat. Illpo)
34- Taiyamo Demku x BoFaatBeatz "Lyrics Matter" (feat. Cambatta)
35- Lejend x The Historian "The Present"
36- Bugsy H. x DJ Kesti "I Traded My Life For A Pun Verse"