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DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #152 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) - Radio RapTz (raptz.com)
1- DJ Ronsha “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- ButterKnife Haircuts x VVS Verbal “Crush Your Mic Stand”
3- Patrick Antonian (Westcoast Kreations) “HipHop” (feat. El Da Sensei & Ras Kass)
4- Oakingadz (Oak Lonetree x King Author x Egadz) “Oh Brother”
5- PiRo “Archenemies”(feat. Shogun AssassOn)
6- Sqreeb “Exile” (feat. Wordsworth & Mayhem)
7- Sqreeb “In The Whip” (feat. M-Dot & Kore)
8- Intikana “Knock Knock” (feat. Keith Murray)
9- Napoleon Da Legend “Novichok”
10- Wordburglar “Spectral Mic”
11- Good Wthr (Equal Eyes Records) “How It Used 2 Be” (feat. DJ Skruff)
12- Sultan Mir “Wake Up” (feat. Recognize Ali, Verbal Kent & DJ Tray)
13- Price Stylez “Ashes 2 Ashes”
14- Kwote (Tunnel Movement) “You Didn’t Know” (feat. Verbal Threat)
15- Chilo & Mane Event “Huh Whut?”
16- Philosophy Cole aka Warpath & BrainConcept “Sundial”
17- Ren Thomas & Tru Mentillz “Introduction”
28- G-Dot & Born “Hip-Hop In Da House”
19- Outcold “Champ”
20- Armor Of God (Pro The Leader & The Holocaust) “Mickey Rourke” (feat. Chino XL & Masta Of Ceremoniz)
21- Ren Thomas & Slim One “Wanna Be Down”
22- Cuban Pete x BoFaatBeatz “Burn” (feat. Dro Pesci & DJ E.Rex)
23- Dantian Collective “Marvel”
24- DJ Tekwun & Craig G “Clear Da Booth”
25- Shark (Sons Of Boombap) & DJ Alkemy “Press Pause” (feat. Cable & Oskeptical)
26- Bugsy H. x Kesti “Life Is Like” (feat. G-Stacks)
27- Othorized Fam “The Plan”
28- Vandit Romes “Vengeance”
29- Wasp-18b “Wet Cement”
30 DZ The Unknown “Thunder Slap” (feat Celph Titled, M-Dot, Esoteric & Big Shug)
31- Lex Boogie From The Bronx “Vanglorious” (feat. X The Shinning)
32- Onyx & Snowgoons “Ain’t No Time To Rest” (feat. Dope D.O.D.)
33- Ruste Juxx & Tone Spliff “For Every Shell”
34- Reckonize Real “How It Is” (feat. Guilty Simpson & DJ Grazzhoppa)
35- BodyBagBen “Scarfo” (feat. Daniel Son, Volatile & SmooVth)
36- Guillotine Regime “Ghetto Alchemy” (feat. Goomson, Tone Rush & Guillotine)
37- Lxvndr & Moves “Posse Fresh” (feat. Cee!!!!!!!, Epik, Ghettosocks, Tachichi & Fatt Matt)