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DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #141 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) by Radio RapTz | Mixcloud (mixcloud.com)
DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #141 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)
#HipHopShow supported by Kool Taj The Gr8 / Slim One / Termanology / M-Dot / Ren Thomas / Scottie Spitten / Touch / Ralphiie Reese / C Keys / Kazi / Hexsagon / Cipha Da Lyrical / Mavi Marx / DJ Squigz / WateRR / Ty Farris / Crotona P / Volatile / Taiyamo Denku / Da Flyy Hooligan / Eric The Red / Apokalips The Archangel / Tone Spliff / Mic Bles / CEO (West Coast Kreations) / Supa Kaiju (Napoleon Da Legend & Sicknature) / DirtyDiggs / Tha Soloist / Pdotflo (DA U.A.) / Horror City / Conscious Vibe / DJ Maniak, and more...

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1- DJ Maniak "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro" 
2- Slim One "Lay You Down" (feat. Termanology, News & Flee Lord)
3- Sean Peng & Illinformed "Green God" (feat. People Without Shoes & Eric The Red)
4- Supa Kaiju (Napoleon Da Legend & Sicknature) "Once In A Lifetime" 
5- Slim One "No Mercy For Pigs" (feat. M-Dot, Ren Thomas & Superstah Snuk) [Cuts by Slim One]
6- Scottie Spitten "Dead Dead Deadski"
7- C Keys & Kazi "The Streets" (feat. Hexsagon, Kazi & DJ Transe)
8- Conscious Vibe & Dreamlife "Prevail"
9- BoFaatBeatz presents: Joell Ortiz "Revision" (feat. Taiyamo Denku)
10- Styles P "Really Us"
11- Madchild "Han Solo" 
12- Kool Taj The Gr8 "Talkin’ Hip Hop" 
13- Slim One "Just Do It" (feat. Termanology & Chris Rivers)
14- Touch & The Dirty Sample "Long De-Vision" 
15- WateRR x Ty Farris "Bad Boys"
16- Mavi Marx & DJ Squigz "Nostalgia" (feat. G.S. Advance & Spit Gemz)
17- Mavi Marx & DJ Squigz "My Resignation" 
18- Primo JAB "Mafioso" (feat. A.Flip)
19- Horror City & Parental (of Kalhex) "Supa Vill’n"
20- Tha Soloist x Moicano Beats "Let It Be"
21- The Last Composer "Keepin' It Real" (feat. P General) 
22- Nuttkase & Goretex (of Non Phixion) "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" [Nuttkase Remix]
23- Da Flyy Hooligan "Da Flyyest" (feat. Planet Asia)
24- Agallah "The Search for Better"
25- Wayne Projects "Hidden Track" (feat. Jabrjaw)
26- Touch & The Dirty Sample "I Don't Write"
27- Cipha Da Lyrical "Harvey Dent"
28- Crotona P & Volatile "Forced My Hand" 
29- The Last Composer "If You've Heard of Me" (feat. Ruste Juxx)
30- Apokalips The Archangel & MrJack "Heart Broke" (feat. Sum-01)
31- Kool Taj The GR8 "The Gun Down"
32- Ralphiie Reese "Synz Uv tha Sweet"
33- SpiderdaGod & Recognize Ali "Blood of The Royals" (feat. Tone Spliff) 
34- Horror City "Voices"
35- DA U.A. (Unknown Artists) presents: Pdotflo "Fight" (feat. BoothaVandross)
36- West Coast Kreations presents: Cee One & Ras Kass "Dead End Street"
37- BoFaatBeatz presents: Mic Bles "Ill Curriculum"
38- Sindian x DirtyDiggs "Six Step"