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DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #137 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) by Radio RapTz | Mixcloud (mixcloud.com)
1- Djar One "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Moves "Hintro" (feat. Hermitofthewoods & Fortunato)
3- M.A.V. x Hobgoblin "Kill A Man" (feat. Rigz)
4- QThree "A05 Classified" (feat. Fly Anakin)
5- Pro Zay "Mutant" (feat. Fly Anakin & Big Kahuna OG)
6- Ill Bill & Stu Bangas "Hulk Meat" (feat. feat. Goretex)
7- Eh Vee "Clash Of The Titans" (feat. Eternia & Adam Bomb)
8- Sekkon Hand "Sekkond That"
9- Sutter Kain & Appollo Valdez "98 Mind State"
10- Horror City "Come Up"
11- Own Lane Music presents: Ras Kass, M-Dot & Rev (of EMS) “Rap Daze”
12- Agallah x DirtyDiggs "Uncharted Deep" (feat. Eto & Milano Constantine)
13- Ill Bill & Stu Bangas "Cannibal Hulk"
14- Sutter Kain & Appollo Valdez "On Sight"
15- P.U.R.E. "Need To Learn"
16- Bullies "Cop An O"
17- Afu-Ra "3 Evil Masters" (feat. Jeru The Damaja & Big Shug)
18- Lu Chin Chen x Amen Of Hellzwind "Drop Heavy"
19- Toodxpe x D-Rock The Felon "Nowadays"
20- Squa "All Praise True"
21- P.U.R.E. "The Belly"
22- Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxxx "If I Quit"
23- 38 Spesh "Hurt Souls"
24- Leaf Erikson "Fine Tuning" (feat. Jah Connery)
25- Awon & Phoniks "House of Angels"
26- Proficient "Feel Fine"
27- Clever One x B.B.Z Darney "Rites Of Passage" (feat. DoomsDay & DreamTek (Scratches))
28- Lu Chin Chen x Amen Of Hellzwind "Priceless" (feat. The Artifacts)
29- Dre Skuffs "Gimmee My Cash" (feat. Khalil Jibran)
30- Djar One "They Want More" (feat. BlabberMouf & EllMatic) [Cuts by Masta Moon's]
31- OT Da Detonator "Black Pasadena"
32- Lu Chin Chen x Amen Of Hellzwind "Grand Finale"
33- Clever One x B.B.Z Darney "Pure" (feat. DJ PhiLogic)
34- Afu-Ra "Spectacula Blackula"
35- Snowgoons "Blessing" (feat. Shadez Of Brooklyn & Fokis)