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DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #133 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) by Radio RapTz | Mixcloud (mixcloud.com)
DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #133 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)
#HipHopShow supported by WordUP / Don Streat / Reflectionz / Bronx Slang / Chong Wizard / Bad Mind / Lejend / Pdotflo / Five Steez / Mavi Marx / Solomon Childs / Ché Uno / Lee Ricks (Trpl-R) / Taiyamo Denku / ConsciousVibe / Masta Ace / Rome Streetz / Grand Surgeon / Big Twins / Joe Baggs / St. Louis Gibbor / DJ Grazzhoppa / Jamil Honesty / Twistello / Comet MadMen (Screwball) / Apokalips The Archangel / Ibis Giant (Horny Monstruos) / DJ Anhonym, and more...

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1- DJ Anhonym "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- WordUP "The Whole Thing" 
3- Masta Ace & Marco Polo "E.A.T." (feat. Evidence & DJ Premier)
4- ConsciousVibe "Prevail" 
5- Horny Monstruos (Ibis Giant & Dash Shamash) "Henry Deaver" (feat. Blacc Suhn)
6- Rome Streetz & Futurewave "N.Y. Do or Die Slogan"
7- Mavi Marx & DJ Squigz "Grandeur" (feat. Solomon Childs)
8- WordUP "Stop Lyin' (You Ain't A Playa)"
9- The Architect x Lejend "What Kings Do"
10- Bronx Slang "Freeze, Music Please" 
11- Pitch 92 "Follow Me" (feat. Doctor Outer, Sparkz & Marie Plassard)
12- BigBob presents: Ruste Juxx & Grand Surgeon "Hard Luck" (feat. DJ JS-1)
13- Reflectionz "The Illest Out" (feat. June Marx) [Cuts by Steps Necessary] 
14- Chong Wizard "Secret Wars: Juice Crew vs Hieroglyphics" (feat. Craig G, Opio, Masta Ace & Pep Love)
15- Don Streat "The New World" 
16- Reflectionz "Money Season" (feat. Eliza Smith)
17- Blu & Oh No "Boogie To Flex" (feat. Definite, Ca$hus King & MED)
18- Mathematik "Clap" (feat. Trinity)
19- Bad Mind "Stalk You"
20- Taiyamo Denku & Amerikas Addiction "From A City"
21- Five Steez & Mordecai "Days N Times" 
22- Pdotflo "Danger Zone" (feat. Ke Turner & Ernie G)
23- Trpl-R x The Quarter Inch Kings "Sparring"
24- DJ JahBluez presents: Joe Baggs x St. Louis Gibbor "Swing On'em" (feat. Senoj Soul)
25- Comet MadMen (Screwball) "The Cleaner"
26- Twistello & Abraham Lilson "Streetlight" 
27- Rasheed Chappell "Street Corner Shit" [Kenny Dope Remix] (feat. O.C., Vinnie Paz & ILL BILL)
28- DJ Muggs & Eto "Still Mobbin" (feat. Flee Lord & Big Twins)
29- M Slago & Lejend "Amerikka"
30- Apokalips The Archangel & DJ M-1 "Escape From New York" 
31- Mo&Grazz "Defiant (You Can’t Break Me)" (feat. Jamil Honesty)