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2 Years Anniversary Mixtape for Melting Records by DJ Moya (melting-records.bandcamp.com)
Last month
on 25th of May we released Savages - Five FInger Discount but we also
celebrated our 2-year anniversary! Melting Records was started on 25th
of May 2014 with the release of Kognitif's LP - My Space World. From the
magnificent album of Skinshape LP and compilation Tales of Another
Direction to JIM Beatmaker - Spark From The Past LP and from SomehowArt
- Flat Reality LP to Apanemic - A Thousand Secrets EP the label grew up
its catalogue. And lastly, the gem masterpiece album of Savages - Five
Finger Discount was released last month. 6 vinyl records and 1 CD. When
we first started this record label, we never planned to go so long ! So,
we want to thank all of you for CONTINUING TO SUPPORTING US and digging
our stuff. We wish you all the best for this summer, and we give a
meeting this autumn with fresh stuff and more vinyl records! BIG THANKS
to DJ Moya for taking the time to host this mixtape and also for the
special scratches !

See you all very soon !

Melting Records


released June 27, 2016

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