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T.Lucas & Substantial - Dirty Sneakers [EP] (
1.My Sole2.The New Balance (Live from the DMV) feat. DJ RBI 04:21lyricsbuy track3.Dirty Sneakers feat. JDA4.Pennies to the Penthouse5.Wishing Well feat. Stephanie Gayle


T.Lucas and Substantial's collaboration EP, "Dirty Sneakers" is due to release in late Spring. The EP consists of five tracks produced by Substantial with verses by T.Lucas including features by DJ RBI, JDA and soul vocalist, Stephanie Gayle.

To many people, sneakers are a status symbol. The brand, price and condition of your sneakers are sometimes a reflection, accurate or not, of where you are in life. Dirty Sneakers could be a symbol of the struggle, where you have been or even your level of comfort with where you are in life. Like most things it's based on your perspective. The "Dirty Sneakers" EP takes us on an audio journey with T.Lucas as he shares the ups and downs of the path he has traveled. Every song is a metaphorical scuff or polish as we listen and attempt to walk in his shoes.


releases May 22, 2020

Written by T.Lucas & S.Robinson
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Substantial
Cover Art by Stan "Substantial" Robinson for Substantial Art & Music, LLC