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Crotona P & Volatile - MVP (PreOrder) (
"MVP" (short for Music by Volatile & Pride) is a collaboration album between Crotona P and Volatile. 

-- Crotona P(ride) is a Bronx-born emcee since moved to Rochester, NY. 
-- Volatile is a producer/emcee/etc from Rochester, NY. 

"MVP" totals 12 tracks, with rhymes by Crotona P and production from Volatile for the entirety (plus a feature verse from V). The album also features Pacewon of the legendary Outsidaz, Rochester's femcee fatal Golden, and P's own daughter Tori X on the final track of the album. 
Volatile offers soulful sample-driven production throughout and Crotona P effortlessly flows on each track while tackling a variety of topics such as personal growth, depression, one night stands and even offers OG advice about tricking on hoes.


releases April 5, 2019 

Bars by Crotona P 
Beats by Volatile 
"Music by Volatile & Pride"