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PENPALS - To Whom It May Concern (
Rapswell, Cynic the Apache, & Squires are PENPALS 

1) Sho Nuff (prod. by Anzem) 
2) Hi Tech (prod. by Squires) 
3) Hoopla (prod. by Squires) 
4) IDK (prod. by Damn Ricky) 
5) So Real It's Real (prod. by The Doppelgangaz) 
6) Tommy Eggface (prod. by Quelle Chris) 
7) On The Roof (prod. by Squires) 
8) Ken Jennings (prod. by Squires) 
9) My Goodness (prod. by Squires) 
10) DeLorean (prod. by Squires) 
11) Can't Slow Down (prod. by Loupo) 
12) Up To The Sky (prod. by Quelle Chris) 
13) Trip to Peru (prod. by Lars Viola)


released June 1, 2018 

Mixed by Gian Stone for Stone Recording 
Mastered by James Royo 
Artwork by Michael Connolly