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IceRocks - Live From The Bunker (PreOrder) (
DXA Records would like to present Live From The Bunker, Producer IceRocks follow up to Bunker Beats. Unlike the instrumental beat tape, Live From The Bunker features lyrics. There are the usual suspects, Meyhem Lauren, DXA, and AG Da Corner (among others), as well as first time collaborators Blabbermouf, PF CUTTIN, and DJ M-Tri. The Live From The Bunker release invites listeners to IceRocks inner circle of artists, presenting a diversity of styles. The experience can be accessed through cassettes, vinyl, graphics and merch. Inside the vinyl sleeves find a comic by artist Sabin Cauldron that illustrates the story of Live From The Bunker. Sabin’s black and white graphics further adds to the album’s post apocalyptic feel. 

Live From The Bunker is a statement piece. It showcases an impressive selection of artists that IceRocks works with. There are live instrumentation from musicians, as well as samples which weave together the fabric of the album and the rappers enrich with their lyrics, content and flow. Between tracks are audio snippets that instruct the listener what to do if they need to bunker up for a period of time. The album intends to act as a survival guide.


releases January 15, 2018 

Live From The Bunker 

1.Represent Queens feat Too Deep 
2.Timbs In The Summer feat Ag Da Coroner Cuts by PF CUTTIN 
3.Three Eyes Closed feat Calamity, Spit Gemz & SicWitDaPen Cuts by IceRocks 
4.Turn It Up feat Blabbermouf Cuts by Propo '88 
5.Bring It On feat SicWitDaPen Cuts by DJ M-TRI 
6.The Waltz feat Calamity 
7.Forever Dignified feat Meyhem Lauren 
8.George Fields - Worldwide feat Glad2Mecha & DXA (IceRocks Remix) 

All Tracks Produced by IceRocks 
All Tracks Mixed by IceRocks & DfaceDXA 
All Tracks Mastered by Leandro Gonzalez 
Photos by Smalls of ICDK Productions 
Design by Bee Graphics