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Dregs One & Brycon - Invasion Of The City Snatchers (
11 track albumImagine
waking up one day in the city of your birth only to find yourself
surrounded by strangers. Whereas the best known iteration of the film
Invasion of the Bodysnatchers pitted homegrown San Francisco heroes
against clones devoid of emotion, here the conflict is seemingly more
mundane yet much more sinister: Dregs One & Brycon versus a mawing
army of developers, techies, killer cops & well-meaning liberal
apathy. Invasion of the City Snatchers is a call to arms set to a
different drumbeat, no army or navy is going to ride to St. Francis'
rescue. Instead we are left with two reluctant anti heroes, no clean
water and a dusty pail of beats and mics to chuck at the enemy's fat
fucking heads.


released November 11, 2016

All songs produced, recorded, and mixed by Brycon

All lyrics written and performed by Dregs One

Mastered by Antonio Gautama Valles for Core of The Earth Studios, Los Angeles