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SkyBlew - The Cowardly Boy (
RandomBeats Music proudly presents, SkyBlew starring in: SkyBlew The
Cowardly Boy (yes, say it all together like A Tribe Called Quest). After
a lengthy hiatus from music, SkyBlew makes his triumphant return, with
the follow up to - Race For Your Life SkyBlew! SkyBlew The Cowardly Boy,
tells the story of scared young boy, who actually happens to be the
bravest of all, but he doesn't realize it yet. Born into a world
surrounded by evil, he is forced to face his fears and fight the wicked,
in order to become the man he is destined to be and save the people...
This is his journey. You have to listen to each song carefully though,
because the album has a deeper meaning as well. It's all a matter of
interpretation, so each person will reach their own revelation. Prepare
yourselves, this is not your typical album, this is an experience...
Unlike anything you've ever heard before! Released at a perfect time, as
the world is in need of inspiration and Love. Enjoy!