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Rec Riddles - Brilliant but Disturbed (
Executive Producer: Kyle Wright for FVI Music Group

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Rec Riddles at Conundrums Studios

All Songs Written & Produced by Rec Riddles for Flomena Music (BMI)/Rogue Music Publishing

Keyboards, Drums & Percussion: Rec Riddles

Bass & Guitar: Mark 0ne

Drums: Dino "Snakeskin" Price

A&R Direction: Dee Warren for FVI Music Group

Director of Operations for FVI Music Group: Kristen Wright

Marketing & Distribution: FVI Music Group/Elyk Entertainment/Coast2Coast Mixtapes

Artwork Layout & Design: The Omni Graphics

Ackurate appears courtesy of Soul Misfit Ink

Reks appears courtesy of Brick Records

(C) 2016 FVI Music Group/Elyk Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is punishable under applicable laws.

Rec Riddles would like to thank:

The Creator, for giving me this talent & granting me the opportunity
to share this gift YOU gave me with the universe. My Wife, I couldn't
do any of the things I do without your continued love & support. I
love you, you're the dopest. My mother, for your love, guidance &
raising me right. My father, thanks for your wisdom Pop. My brothers,
Andre, Marcus & Justin, yall them niggas. My cousin Dawon, love ya
bro. The Jones Family, The Wright Family, The Parker Family, The Young
Family, The Simms Family, The Nelson Family, The Esquilin Family, The
Warren Family, Love Yall! FVI Music Group: Y ME?, they dont know how
dope you really are yet but they bout to find out. Dee "Roc" Warren, we
were separated at birth lol To my bro Ackurate, we bout to crash this
non-lyricist party. Reks, you're the greatest, thanks for blessing this
project. Coast2Coast Mixtapes, thank you. To the State of New Jersey,
thanks for making me the man I am today, product of my environment. To
the City of St. Louis, thanks for embracing me & my art, you will
forever be my second home. Shout out to J Hatch, Thrill Collins &
the iStandard Staff, yall helped me learn the music business &
polished me up. Shouts out to Rob Boo, Finsta, John Harrington, So n So,
Nato Caliph, Elvin the Enforcer & the entire Slumfest team. Media
Kombat, for continued support in my journey. Shouts out to all the
blogs, radio stations, magazines, DJs, event promoters & open mics
for your continued support. Shouts out to Purp, Millz, Streetz, Phil
Cyphers, J-Ness & N.E.C., Riley B, DJ Smitty (Best DJ on Earth),
Subtle Agression Monopoly, Da Dam Don Hunter, Foe Huned & Lets Roll
Records, Profit, Niteowl, Louis Conphliction, Tiffany Diggs, West End,
Sal Calhoon, Allen Gates, 4012, Silent Que, Jonnie Tie Dye, Bo Dean,
P.R.E.A.C.H., Centipede, GroundBreaking Beatz, Jeuce the Shinobi,
Midwest Haze, Rawkizzie, William Archetype, Family Affair, Bates, True
on the Trac, Hayzie P. Newton, Midwest Avengers, Black Spade, Jonezy,
Domino Effect, Planet 13 Ent., Haiku, The Legion of Lyricist, T Dubb O,
Lyfestile, Rip James, Corey Black, Black Supply Co., The Knuckles,
Delmar Records, Tef Poe, Indiana Rome, Legend Camp. Rest In Peace to all
those we have lost. Last but not least, to all my fans and supporters,