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MC Gels - Wandering Souls (LP) (PreOrder) (
This album
was made from various situations that I've experienced in my life, i
wanted to make a project that was more personal as well as relatable to
others. Also, it was made with the intention of giving people some good
music as well and give people that "90s Feel" but with a modern twist,
So here it is, Wandering Souls LP, I hope you enjoy it as much as i
loved making it, Peace - MC Gels.


releases June 24, 2016

Mixed at Mc Gels Recordings

Mastered at Mc Gels Recordings

Track 1 Produced By Shag

Tracks 2,5,7,12, and 13 Produced by Chief Rugged and features guest appearance by Mc Shinobi and Sa.Mu.Ra

Track 3 Produced By Mista Izm

Track 4 Produced By Spark Da Izm

Track 6 Produced By Natural Doc

Track 8 Produced By Qamar Knight

Track 9 Produced by Monplacebo

Track 10 Produced By C-Rxch

Track 11 Produced By Esco