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Wordburglar - RHYME YOUR BUSINESS (PreOrder) (propsdept.bandcamp.com)
You’re gonna need a new rewind button – the one-and-only Wordburglar returns with a noggin’ noddin’ doctrine for slobberknockin’ & party rockin’, tellin’ it like it is the way only he can. RHYME YOUR BUSINESS is a full-course rap-feast of infectious, classic hip-hop loaded with original concepts, witty wordplay, absurd nerdities and a ridiculous sense of humour that will reward listeners with every new spin. 

Featuring 16 new classics and an all-star lineup of guests including Birdapres, Esoteric of Czarface, Jesse Dangerously, Mega Ran, More Or Les, Swamp Thing and Touch, with pulse-pounding production from long-time collaborators Beatmason, Coins, Fresh Kils, Mister E, Timbuktu and the turntable wizardry of DJ Irate and Uncle Fes.


releases September 4, 2018 

Written & performed by: Wordburglar 
Guest raps & performances by: Birdapres, Chokeules, Esoteric, Jesse Dangerously, Mega Ran, More or Les, Savilion, Timbuktu & Touch. 
Beats by: Beatmason, Coins, Fresh Kils, Mister E & Timbuktu. 
DJ cuts by: DJ Irateand Uncle Fes. 
Mastered by: Dorc for Banging Masters 
Artwork and design by: Truc Nguyen, Scott Rodgerson, Dave Howlett & Kody Peters 
Executive Engineer: Timbuktu 
Executive Producer: Wordburglar