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Bishop Nehru: Meeting MF Doom Changed My Career ( - Bishop Nehru opens up about the turning point in his career, which came about when he met MF Doom after one of the rapper's shows. Nehru said that he was stunned when Doom came nonchalantly walking up to him and gave him props on his new music, which used some of the "Doomsday" rapper's beats.

When asked about Doom wearing his trademark mask in the studio, Nehru said that he wore it off and on throughout the time they spent together, but Doom wasn't strict about having it on all the time. He adds that they are both really close now, and Doom is even friends with Nehru's father.
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    (deleted) I posted this a while back...Him and Joey are the future of REAL hip-hop...Both still teenagers making those 90s sounding classics...Forget TRAP CRAP!!!!
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