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BUSDRIVER - Right before the Miracle (Official Video) (
performer/director: Busdriver
director/editor: Dylan Tull
camera man: Azzdie

"Right before the Miracle" features the Underground Railroad

production & drums by JMD
saxophone by Randall Willis
bass by Reggie Carson Jr.
guitar by Robert “Bullet” Harris
organ/keys by Mikal Majeed-Hammond
percussion by Don “Papa Dee” Littleton
improvised vox by Regan “BUSDRIVER” Farquhar

recorded & mixed at JMD’s pad.

the song is taken from the album
"Electricity is on our Side" by BUSDRIVER

Pre-order the album here:

release date: TBA

lyrics to the head:

I am calling out your name
in the dark as the wind swept
I think that we could inherit carats of gold, that have not been found yet
‘Cuz your a testament of God
Shaking the skies until there’s no thunder left
Peep game though
Keep all them griots outside of the poorhouse
The lifeblood is flowing in lanes of the tour route
I am calling out your name
Know that I mean it
I am calling to tell that this all is ours
And if we make a plan, we can take
All the lands and the dreams that they ever have stolen from us
Then remake
A new world in a self image that is true and robust
I am calling out your name so just answer me,
I want your mind to be free.

Temporary Whatever