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Legion Of Goon - T.I.T.S (
I'm just tryna sound cool 
And say something stupid for these idiots to laugh at 
They act as if it's difficult, 
What a load of dog shit, all you do it talk, 
All i used to do was drink. Think, 
What's a man to do once he's come back from the brink. 
Crack a bud & sniff it, you can call it from the stink 
Ya shit is dink. Eyes pink as pussy i'm a pimp. 
My link let me take the lot on tick, sick. 
Baby i just said that shit so you would suck my dick. 
I'm in love with ganja, she's in love with Stig. 
Ya dig, the dab rig will punch you out ya wig. 
I can't imagine how this looks from the outside 
But trust me it's mental once you're in it. 
All these puss bags with their manufactured image, 
Once you meet em it don't really line up with the lyrics. 
Me, i'm really out here, living on the edge, i'm ledge. 
Bruck, never gave a fuck about the wedge. 
Raised around broken homes, scheming for a fix 
Switch, now i'm tryna move my family to the sticks. 
Something just clicked so i upped & jumped ship, 
Took it back to the essence, this is that shit. 
This is that shit, this is, this is, that shit. 
The joke is i smoke weed & chat shit, that's it. 
Grey Staffy, sitting sipping PG, 
Bangers, mash & bisto, i'm British like the Queen's speech 
But i don't give a fuck about the Queen's speech. 
Down the dole on hold, listening to Green Sleeves. 
They ain't saying nothing but it seems deep, 
On a budget so I'm balling like a budgie brother, cheap cheap 
Let em compromise, im focussed on that clean shit 
It's a clean sweep, rinse & repeat that shit. 


We stay true to our roots, eyes glued to truth, 
We never compromise, or apologise for the shit that we do. 
Yeah the whispers are true, man i think my squad are superstars 
Stomping on ya shit no matter who you are, 
Shooting darts & taking scalps like i'm rolling with the savages 
Ravenous, munchied off the cannabis 
Amethyst hard, trapped in the dark, still looking for a glimmer of light 
But stay raw cos i'm a sinner for life. 
And i been chilling on ice for too long 
Now i'm back & i'm wondering where have the true gone? 
All i see is new jacks that have knocked up a few songs 
And act like the path that they're on is a new one, fucking do one. 
Cos this is that shit, cricket bat, hit em for six & that's it. 
All i needs a fat beat & a couple of fat spliffs 
If you're not on the team you can suck on a fat dick. 
And what you on about? You'll never knock us down, 
Cos the foundations are built upon solid ground 
Hit em with a right, right. Night night, i got ya heading for the white light. 
I'm burning everything, well except my kin, we rock metal skin. 
Let me in now they can never leave, 
I'm in the corner of my mind where old memories are lost. 
Winning whatever the cost, from the beginning everything we've got. 
Going full steam, bidding for the top then we carry on 
And take the lot without a bally on, GOON shit.


released August 11, 2017