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I'm an instrumental/experimental hip-hop producer from Poland. I have been working in this field since 2008, while first releases were published in 2013.

My initial style was strongly influenced by artists like Odd Nosdam or El-P, though developed in a much different way. I most often use carefully selected and processed samples and loops taken from possibly any kind of music (from experimental to pop) and create compositions by layering and assembling samples from various sources, but I do also use field recordings, software synthesizers, custom voice samples and some hardware: an Aiwa microcassette recorder, Yamaha 4-track tape deck, a Sony Walkman, MPC500, Korg Monotron Duo (both as an instrument and analogue filter), Casio SA-20, SK-10, VL-5 and MT-36, Medeli MC-6A and a friend's Commodore 64 and Amiga 600.

Though, I like making some classic-style hip-hop beats too!

I sometimes dwell into other music genres too, mostly experimental (sound collage/dark ambient/noise/plunderphonics/sound poetry/etc). I've attempted also at Trap music, and some of my newer stuffs are more Downtempo than Hip-Hop.