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Fortunato - Man Myth Legend (feat. Che Uno & Royce Birth) (
Unreleased B-Side from the album Blood Sweat & Tears 2


Scarrs on my head dirt on my feet
Ra Sunrays trail blaze the back streets
heat in my palm thats the mic squeeze
so tight I drop jewels in the booth when I leave
diamond mines inside I shine when awaken
grateful for the sun so I thank' em
I spark arboles to celebrate 'em
one mation under Ra cadence I see them all like Appalachian identification I see well
looking through my third eye
classified C-12
hidden gemz in my detail
weed smell on my clothes I pose evil
hero or villain for green mail
nothing sweet here no need for brix scale
time for the real to kneel before the Ra
re birth we first ahead of em all

Welcome me back,
The plan of attack is split the math in half, leave factions in fractions
And shrug it off like it was bound to happen
Return of the mack, no need to add ten
This ain’t the past tense, i blast in ya half sense
Off the hinge quick, have em talkin in accents
I’m laughin
Drinking off a guinness stout
Catch me in the guinness ‘bout holding the record
For the most fucks not given in a single count
Hey yo,
Multiply the losses
It’s Superfly in Dubai, my plane ain’t even across yet
Over the astral plane,
Projecting all the prospects of all the bullshit to the fullest,
I’m bound to toss next straight off the fuckin roof
Execute attempts of perpetrators, bars sharp as razors
Mark the beast with the laser
The man, the myth, the legend
Even in death, i still remain a living breathing weapon
Heed the lesson

I'm Gaseous I stay massive with my empathicness
that's passively surveying the planet to find what passion is
a passenger that travels ranting my insane babble
paddle home through oceans of time
it's been a long battle
but I'm still here breaking ceilings with no fear
no limits I ain't timid no blurred lines I see clear
the steel spear that I'm jousting will leave your blood spouting
the tiger crouching stay dousing you I'm the man mountain
pounding the street, no wheels it's my feet
predators can sense my presence from the scent I excrete
I ain't got a new jeep but I'm still taking the doors off
still pissing on rappers when I'm taking my drawers off
still building a wall but don't compare me with Trump
I just deport these wack MC's and send em back if the front
backing them up like data getting sent to the IP
no government issue official need for your ID
I see the truth right behind your eyelids
I split your dome leave you flatter than fry bread
I get you home like an Uber or Lyft
and I always stay composed and make the most of my gift


released April 28, 2021
Written by Fortunato, Royce Birth, Che Uno,
Cuts by DJ Matto
Mix & mastered by Fresh Kils