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Nite Owl - The 5 Elements [Official Video] (
Enjoy this advanced screening of my new song The 5 Elements, which drops on all platforms on April 10th, 2021! This and my instagram are the only places you can hear this song before April 10th.

As an ambassador of Hip Hop, it is my duty to protect it, and represent the culture to the fullest.

For the record, there are 5 elements of Hip Hop!

1. Emcee
2. DJ
3. B-boys & B-girls
4. Graffiti Art
5. The Human Beat Box

This song is an international collaboration with Nite Owl and a loyal member of The Flock. This record was produced by Kulya (from the Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ ).

ALSO: Text me your email address to 404-386-5029 (that's my actual real phone number lol), and I'll add you to my email list so you get notified every time I release new shit!

@niteowlhiphop on IG

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