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Universal Language - Writing On Trains [Official Music Video] (
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Universal Language Entertainment and Angry Neighbor Present:

Universal Language - Writing On Trains - The Official Music Video

Produced by Angry Neighbor and Universal Language Entertainment

Produced by Geoff Grey
Cuts by DJ GaDJet
Mastered by Grafik
Small Hands
"Like minded individuals is who is I gravitate toward. Always make sure to save a seat for me when the train boards..."

"Some asked me, if it's worth all the strife / I say, 'Yeah my first show, I picked up my wife.'"

"The lights dim, I'm zen, what a time to reflect / Aight then, write Quinn, show 'em rhyme and respect"

"Heading to the city, staring at the graffiti / on the walls. Vibing out to Lauryn Hill, Nas, Biggie"

Zoë Simone
"Piece by piece perform aesthetic surgery on this monster of a city street by street"

Special thanks to:
Reid Pellegrin, Angry Neighbor, Phil Sisneros, National Disgrace,

Universal Language
"Where music is Universal"

We are:
Proximity (Grafik and Provoke) (MCs, Producer, DJ)
WindchILL (MC)
Shawn Keys aka Epic Beats(MC, Producer)
Geoff Grey (Producer)
Dasarro (MC)
5Ve (MC, Producer)
Buddhakai (MC)
Small Hands (MC)
DJ GaDJet (DJ)