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Ciphurphace - Separate featuring Chezale (
Released via E.E.E./SouthFresh Records | Soulspazm 

From the forthcoming Ciphurphace X Per C. Wells EP tentatively titled 'Will Food For Rap'


"The entire planet fails - they don't really care what all the ballots tell 
Lady Justice needs to recalibrate her balance scales" 

-- Ciphurphace 

"Separate the political from what is necessary 
Separate the wack sh*t from the legendary" 

-- Chezale


released October 9, 2018 
Produced by Per C. Wells 

Mixed & Mastered by Per C. Wells 

Vocals by Ciphurphace recorded at SpaceLAB Recording Studios, Brooklyn, New York. 

Vocals by Chezale recorded at Cimamusic Mix & Mastering, Tucson, Arizona.