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Skyzoo - Baker's Dozen (feat. Raheem Devaughn) (
On “Baker’s Dozen”, I wanted to explore the world I know, same as I always have throughout my career, but from the perspective of what once was, currently is, and probably will foreseeably be, by diving into what happens when things like gentrification take place in that world. The idea of desire and attainability, by all means, regardless of the changes around you. The muse for the record was D’angelo’s ‘Devil’s Pie’, which prompted me to bring in my brothers Apollo Brown and Raheem Devaughn, whom I’ve frequently worked with in the past. The energy they brought to the record was flawless. Vision fulfilled indeed."Baker's Dozen" (feat. Raheem Devaughn) 
Produced by Apollo Brown
The new album, 'In Celebration of Us', in stores February 2nd. Available for pre-order now: Hook: 
Corner store still open, it ain’t too late, 
Praise that in your arms like it’s a bouquet, 
Corner store still open, it ain’t too late, 
Praise that in your arms like it’s a bouquet, 
Right back outside, the way they want it, 
On line for the pie, baby who cutting? 
Right back outside, the way they want it, 
On line for the pie, baby who cutting?
Bake the cake, bake the cake, bake the cake, cut a piece, 
Some done lost their religion for the mark of the beast, 
Bismi ‘llahi Alhamdulillah so we pray to the east, 
See if there’s a heaven, there’s got be hell
Verse 1: 
900,000 away from a first mil', 
caught 100 large overnight like I work crills, 
my man identical with how his work builds, 
and how the 14th can feel like the first still, 
swear to God that as long as it jumps nothing will change, 
and may he look at me and my Gz one in the same, 
same money spent on the same trucks and the same chains, 
and the same superheroes agree that they take blame, 
proud of it, 100 miles running, the whip moving, 
the stick stuck in the side door, the grip stupid, 
they had it how we wanted to have it and get into it, 
word to the allure and word to the influence, 
Influenced by whatever becomes, whatever’s done,
disappear couple days out the month, Heckler runs, 
let it run like rumors or the bags running to us, 
you be looking over past but tradition run the truest, do believe it
Verse 2: 
One time for the love of the lead and the way it had us, 
and the irony of dotting the beam on whatever matters, 
black lives in black 5s, the frame boxing out, 
I’m Luke Caging but more related to Cottonmouth, 
And we related to whoever made it 
and came back to park it in front of us and let us chase it, 
came back talking in numbers over better wagers, 
all of my chains weigh enough for me to celebrate it, 
heard 'em when they was saying to never leave until the plate done, 
and how it turns into better bitches with better lace fronts, 
I mean you either out or you on it, got it or want it, 
same way 9 won’t cut it like "find yo’ budget”, 
regardless of who move up the block, the block's shaking, 
you moved in when they promised you that the block's vacant, 
new month coming tomorrow, you got patience?, 
call it even, we got Richie, you got Reagan, do believe it
Verse 3: 
Corner store still open, it ain’t too late, 
said to praise that in your arms like it’s a bouquet, 
same way as you ever thought, sweeter than Kool-Aid, 
brown paper bags for us all baby, touché, 
took it right back outside, the way they want it, 
catch us on line for the pie, baby who cutting?, 
counting up like live or die, live it and love it, 
or leave it and be all you despise until you done with, do believe it