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Lodus Dei - Mulligan Shit (2012) (
Lodus Dei - Rotations EP
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"Rotations" is the fourth home-recorded project by Boston hip-hop duo Lodus Dei. Its sound is rooted in atmospheric jazz samples and hard hitting drums mixed with precise vocals. All beats on Rotations were produced by Nicholas Crow. Lyrically, emcees and hip hop heads should appreciate Lodus Dei's thought provoking subject matter and strong delivery. Though it is just 25 minutes, Boomslang (18) and Nicholas Crow (22) regard Rotations to be their finest work to date.As both artists have matured, so has their music. Each song delves into poetic self expression and flows seamlessly into the next. The subject matter on many of the tracks is much more personal and reflective than past Lodus Dei albums. Influences on the project include Homeboy Sandman, Introspective Minds, Keith Charles Spacebar, C.P.U. of Endangered Speeches, and Boston artist Charmingly Ghetto.

Lodus Dei is INDEPENDENTLY operated. This EP was produced in their home studio near Fenway Park in Boston. If you would like to collaborate in some way or have an inquiry regarding booking, management, interviews or photos please contact us at [email protected]

Lyrics and performance by Boomslang & Nicholas Crow

Trumpet by Noah Lattanzi on "Mulligan Shit"