• Timeout - Hold it down : )
    beach n stuff is calling ^ laters hombres
  • Sicily it is, small timeout, keep on roKKin
    see y'all soon
  • 50 k posts w00t : )
    hope y'all enjoy peeps - keep on r0KKin !
  • Greetz from colombia
    We back in action ina while, 1
  • Chillin @kohlipe @thailand cheers to all the @hiphop heads - be back soon postin...
    One of the best islands I saw down here
  • Some Time Off... Hold Down the Fort Hombres : )
  • on yall to manage this
    we be out for a lil bit - 1 
  • Honor Notorious B.I.G (already 20 years...) not only today..
    (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997)
  • Props to all the people contributin that good shit!
    hell yeh - makes that site what it should be : )
    thanks hombres !
  • rolling solid - enjoy your life!
    none - who are u
  • New Category - "Upcoming Live Shows & Tours" - We need your input!
    We want to create a great database for upcoming Hip Hop Shows and Tours. Really hard to get the infos on the web ==> any help would be more than welcome! Just fire a mail to [email protected] or post it up yourself - everyone is more than welcome to register! All posts get an autospread to our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Both have more than 1000 followers so it will be spread at least a lil bit : )

    You planing a show / tour or know bout someone HOLLA!
    k thx !
  • Domain will change to "worldwide.hiphop" soon!
    0y0y we gonna change domain since it's hard to rank hiphop.mu nicely and worldwide.hiphop fits well - at least we do think : )
    change will be done within next 10 days - guess y'all will recognize ^^
  • Back again!
    Oh well what can we say - hope this makes y'all happy - we are : )
  • Moving
    Hola! we see there have been some active members lately which we do like alot. Thing is, we mentioned it before that this site will be down by the end of february ... All Social Media accounts gonna be the same but this site will move since we have to pay some bills each month and can't handle thta anymore - we rather buy some music and support the artists : )
    There won't be the option for others to post shit up on the new platform most likely but we are more than open for submissions or whatever. you guys know where we can be found right?!?!?!?!
    thx alot to everybody who contributed or visited the site from time to time. BUT hey it aint the end haha!
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      hh-lion Good Job Blaze ;-) Peaace
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      bLaz3 same goes out to you : ) ^ ^1
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  • chillin it out...
    bout time haha.... thx for u guys holding it down! seems like iIdo have alot to check out once back, at least here and according to my bandcamp releases it seems like... hey at least something to look forward to haha... greetz ladies and gens see y'all laters... 1
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      Mongrel enjoy your vacation;)
      wo biste da? sieht auf den 1. Blick aus wie Thailand
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      bLaz3 yep, singapore and thailand it was... and n yeh tghere is somes tuff around butn ot like frightneing stuff all easy at least what we did see : ) fkn great trip. singore - bangkog - phuket - lanta - phi phi (yes the party is dope but jeeez this island got a lot othert o offer....) lanta - back to phuket nd now in here... time to bring on some more beats haha. so yall locos!
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      bLaz3 https://www.facebook.com/hiphopmusicapp/photos/pcb.1052386218127647/1052385741461028/?type=3&permPage=1
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  • Shutting down ina few weeks
    like some might know already the monthly costs are quite heavy and the not that much traffic here anyways, at least compared to our Social Media accounts so not really a reason to kleep this going...
    we do think bout other ideas, maybe a regular blog or who da heck knows ^^
    Maybe also switchting back to old YouTube Channel. All other SM accounts (g+, twitter and fb) will be the same and we won't stop dropping that HotShit : )
    Be on the lookout whats up next.