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  • Premier Afro Jewish performer of the Top Most influential Hip hop song 2015 Live...
    Premier Afro Jewish performer of the Top Most influential Hop hop Sings 2015 opens Tété (Sony Music) London concert .Sev Lesaved the Jewish hip- hop artist and activist performs "RevoluZion Anthem" featuring Juki Juks and and Kimba Bush Klarity at Tété opening in Hoxton Square London...
  • Best International Hip Hop love song L AMOUR
    Best international Hip hop-Top Jewish Hip Hop love song "l'Amour" - The term Hip Hop (Musical Genre) when themed as Israeli hip hop refers to hip hop and rap music in Israel but also to all artists of Jewish heritage living in the diaspora . Sev LeSaved is a Jewish British Born Ivorian who fells very comfortable in all his heritages . He sees himself as Jewish first then African and British . Premier Jewish Afro-European Hip Hop act to perform one of the top Hip Hop Love song titled l'amour(Love) alongside international major artist such Tete  the French Pop folk sensation in London .  He goes beyond beats and rhymes through political and social activism. and it is an exhaggeration to speak of a modern day urban Martin Luther King Jr  when we dig on the content of his lyrics . International Hip hop at its best in what the French would call chanson d'amour Hip hop . It's true that some will equate him to Matisyahu or BABA L'AZIZ  Israeli Hip Hop veteran but the is something original .The song could be among the top most influential hip hop songs. Serge Gainsbourg gloomy sunday  is one of his inspirations coupled with the all time song How Great is our God . Music feat Chris  Tomlin introduced to the world's   public through the world edition of How Great is Our God in the music video by passion . .Best international Hip hop love song "l'Amour" (Love ) feat Juki at Tete(Sony Music), Far from being a dance track this is one of the greatest live music performances by  the premier Jewish Afro European Hip hop act.
  • Top Jewish Hip Hop Official Music Video
    Official music video of top Jewish artist Sev Lesaved titled  Matiere Grace (French for grace matter) official music video grace(English),  a French and English wordplay juggling between Grease matter and grace one word the song metaphorically exposes that the  over-comers would have to rely on grace rather than their grey matter..and this makes more sense when we realize that it's once again by the performer of the the Top Most influential Hip hop song 2015 and  far from lil dicky  professional rapper(feat.Snoop Dogg) latest smash  off LD's debut album"Professional Rapper. Now would it be an exaggeration is we list this artist within The Best Jewish Rappers of All Time  as Forbes listed ?
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  • Top Most influential Hip Hop Song 2015 Y
    Top Most influential Hip-Hop Song 2015. "Y "although not being in the Hip Hop Dance category was a worldwide alarm call back in 2008 to the international community on the vile treatments toward the minorities in France and particularly the anti Jewish attitude before all the recent attacks in #Paris/ The track served as reference to the French Jewry for the return to the promise Land Israel in many medias throughout France and elsewhere.. In general most popular Hip hop songs from renown artists lack substantial content . And when D'Angelo Blasts Hip-Hop Artists For Not Addressing Social Issues In Their Music he certainly did not know about the best international Hip hop song that explains Y 10 000 French Jews will move to Israel this Year, The video was just for promo purpose in 2009 but reemerged in 2015 and is making as much impact as the title Liberator on Sev LeSaved VEVO channel while the series of attacks on Jews continue. around the world and and worldwide racial tension is on... For a significant amount of people the content and impact should be enough inscribe it on Billboard as one of the greatest hip hop song ever
  • International Hip Hop Liberator let you recolonize that all lives matter
    International Hip Hop Official Music Video on Youtube titled Liberator is a highly political charged single lyrically speaking since addressing the current world affairs especially those related the recent attacks in Paris . Concept already tackled in the 2009 unreleased track " Y "which happens to be the most influential Hip Hop track 2015. Liberator is a blend of alternative rock, hip-hop and reggae .The single comprises a main track influenced by Brit alternative rock and a version close to Damien Marley welcome to Jam rock featuring Scrooge a London based Ragga artist.. And although the songs might sound French for many the single is a complete British job. The track were both remixed by the drum player of the legendary British funk fusion band Light of the world Everton Mc Calla.for YZ Records. The label is the precursor of the activist Soul liberation Movement (otherwise coined RevoluZion) led by the premier Afro-European Jewish hip hop act developed and branded still by YZ Records . This single was therefore pro-pulsed at the forefront of the "mediatic" issue of peace in the middle on which obviously the entire of the world's stability rest,. Les Twins the incredible duet who teamed up with other international dance phenomenon such as the Megacrew ,JABBAWOCKEEZ, and poreotics the silver medallist of the world's Hip dance championship finals 2010 would prefer something more dancing but nevertheless this title will be remembered as one of the best French Hip Hop content wise proving once again how much Britain's Got Talent . All this said there won't be a comparison with Jimmy and the Roots join with Daisy Ridley John B Adele on star The force awaken wars; or the amazing performing someone like you , nor the Golden Boy Callum Scoot from Britain's Got Talent . This might sound like the first modern Olympics game winner or the most influential Jewish hip hop act on google even though it cannot be compared to Jason Derulo's album"Everything is 4" on which 2 chainz featured on the track "talk dirty" official hd video. or ne-yo - miss independent and 
    , Eliad Nahum sweet like Marley