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Sankofa - Glyde Drexler (PreOrder) (
Why yes, that is some truly insane cover art. Thanks for noticing. This album started a while back when Keter (producer of 2007's The Tortoise Hustle) mentioned to me he was back to making beats. I've been hoping to hear that news since '07 and so I greedily snagged every piece of his I could, fortifying the collection with additional production from phd beats and Franz Branntwein. I dig this album and it's my hope you feel the same way.



releases April 18, 2020

Production via El Keter Ben Tzadik, phd beats, and Franz Branntwein
Scratches c/o DJ Konfewshus
Album artwork by Junkyard Sam
Guest vocals from Kovax and JON?DOE
Mixed and mastered by Burnt Bakarak