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Hugo Monster and Chef Mike - No Reservations | Common and Normal Recording Co. (
I don't even remember how I met Chef Mike. I think I found his page somewhere, went over to his SoundCloud, and ripped the beat "Aint No How." A few weeks later I recorded it, and then asked if I could rock it ( rap over it), he said yes, and then I sent it. He dug it. I remember it feeling like tryouts. If he liked the song, then maybe he would consider doing a project. He said yes, and one year later, Chef Mike and myself made "No Reservations." "No Reservations," means no one is going to hold your spot. You show up or you don't. You're either here or your not. Time isn't supposed to wait on you, so respect your commitments. "What is the album about?" Listen to it and tell me. I hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun making it. Peace -Hugo Monster


released March 23, 2020