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Banish Habitual "Neural Networks" (Prod. Vherbal) [Cuts. Dystrakted] (

Shot, directed and edited by: MirckoMedia
7th and final visual from the album "Singularity Season" by Banish Habitual featuring guest verses from Nowaah the Flood, FastLife, BuBu the Prince, Planet Asia, Supreme Cerebral, O the Great, Madhattan, Skrewtape and Shokryme. Also, production from Karnate, Tru Mentillz, J.F., The Working Man, MTK, Nesew, Kaoss, Vherbal, Skinny Bonez tha Godfatha and Daringer.

01 - We Want War (Intro) [Prod. Karnate]
02 - Singularity Season [Prod. Tru Mentillz]
03 - Screaming to the Sky ft. Nowaah the Flood [Prod. J.F.]
04 - Theory of Everything [Prod. The Working Man]
05 - Ask Alexa ft. Fast Life, BuBu the Prince [Prod. MTK] (cuts. EyeBall)
06 - Catch Some ft. Planet Asia, Supreme Cerebral [Prod. Karnate] (cuts. TMB)
07 - Looking for God (Interlude) [Prod. Nesew]
08 - Double Slit Experiment ft. Supreme Cerebral, O the Great [Prod. The Working Man]
09 - Conscious Heathens ft. Madhattan [Prod. Kaoss]
10 - Neural Networks [Prod. Vherbal] (cuts. Dystrakted)
11 - Make the Sun Shine ft. Skrewtape [Prod. Skinny Bonez tha Godfatha]
12 - Drown in Data (Outro) [Prod. Karnate]
13 - (Bonus) Lord Forgive Me ft. Shokryme, Supreme Cerebral [Prod. Daringer] (cuts. Tone Spliff)