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Jules Hiero - Honey Trap | Krekpek Records (PreOrder) (
Vienna based producer Jules Hiero delivers his first Instrumental LP called "Honey Trap". Characterized by a boom-bap attitude, these lively and chilled beats evoke the feelings of warm and breezy days, sensuality and remoteness.
The jazzy hip hop instrumentals tell stories of summer and are a perfect musical accompaniment to start your day, eat a "Cheese Plate" in France or enjoy some "Gorilla Glue" with a bunch of friends in "Setagaya Park“.

Jules Hiero’s melodic beats invite every music lover to enjoy the vibe and ease his mind.
The Greek-German producer has released two instrumental projects under the artist name of "Skeptika". Jules met Figub Brazlevic and Klaus Layer during their South America tour in late 2018 in Rio De Janeiro while he visited Rio de Janeiro for 3 months. In Rio Jules made an EP with Antonio Neves on the Trumpet and Trombone, who is also featured on 3 tracks
on the "Honey Trap" LP.


releases November 26, 2019

Trumpet: Antonio Neves
Mastering: Figub Brazlevic
Artwork: Benne Basquiat