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Dj Low Cut - B4 (Instrumental) (
Extract of "Stoned Ride" by Dj Low Cut.
Coming out Octobre 11th.


« I’m gonna take you to Dark Carnival (…), close your eyes and come this way, down the sideshow of the mind »…First of all, you got to Be True so you can enjoy this Stoned Ride under The Full Moon. It might be your Last Night if this trip is No Good. I came from the Double Seven but now I’m Trapped home in my studio waiting for my muse to to escape from Behind The Clouds. B4 I used to chill like a Hippy Yeah but now I’m far from this Cloudy spirit but still « Play Pain better than anyone ».

01 – Dark Carnival
02 – Be True
03 – Stoned Ride
04 – The Full Moon
05 – Last Night
06 – No Good
07 – Double Seven
08 – Trapped
09 – Behind The Clouds
10 – B4
11 – Hippy Yeah
12 – Cloudy
13 – Play Pain

Produced & Mixed by Dj Low cut
Mastering by David Hachour
Visual Art by Sacha Royal
Rugged Records Ⓒ

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