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BLAEKAZ - No Gimmicks (D. Krop, Bren Bretto & Fabyo + Profound) (
Vocs & Lyrics: D. Krop, Bren Bretto & Fabyo
Mixtape: Live From The Basement Vol. 2
Beat: Profound
Producer: Blaekaz
Genre: Old Skool Rap
Year: 2019
Location: Gorkum aka BlaekCity, ZH, The Netherlands
LYRICS:Certain girls don't know what they want
Find it exciting to come date with I man
If they take too long to decide me let it slide.
Plenty fish in the ocean. While me lay back and get chosen
in real life or tinder internet.
care how me met. As long as I get to use my friend.
Cuz im the greatest wingman. Always fly.
When im passing by. Smooth talk on point
to hit some later tonight.
Whiskey off the rocks in my hand and wave.
Swing to the riddim, flirt, me no how fi behave.
Dodge barriers and stand proud.
Don’t share no intimate stuff
with a person I know nothing about.
Circumvent obstacles blocking my route.
Must find a way around. Have faith, no doubt.
2019 kicked off still not on the mic
for likes, nah me do it for the love.
Overall gratitude check my attitude
Betta do cuz im not yo average dude
Sent to murder see currently on third degree
It’ll get ya open like a surgery cuz verbally
your shit 'll be little to me see me dribble the rhythm
im drilling giving ya lyrical feeling
Willing to riddle G listen
In my perimeter getting sinister illa than a dillinger
killing ya filling ya up with smooth rap as I stack packs
of that ultra thin durex for safe but good sex
If ya act vanilla and ima smoke ya ass like a fat philly
It’s a fact really my wordplay smacks ya silly
I settle smooth battle fools that'll move against
me and my crew lets handle that attitude. No gimmicks