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One Oz X Pandamonium "RED" (No Stems No Stixx Remix) (
So, a year has passed now since One Oz and myself released our smokers anthem "RED", so why not commemorate the occasion with a remix complete with new visuals eh???

(Note: Oz's puppet mate was unfortunately unavailable this time around having been scouted by the Jim Henson Company, so Oz has made a personal appearance himself haha ;) )

#oneoz #pandamoniumuk #red #remix #hiphop #boombap #smokersanthem #maryjane


released September 5, 2019
Vocals Written, Performed, Recorded and EQ'ed by One OZ
Produced, Edited, Remixed, Scratched and Mastered by Pandamonium UK
Artwork by Pandamonium UK
Video Recorded by One Oz and Edited by Pandamonium UK