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Tone Liv and Decay, the Llama - Gas Station Sushi (
Years back I was paid cash to drive a rig from Rantoul to some shithole town in Minnesota. The cash told me not to ask questions, so I didn’t. In a cul-de-sac at the edge of nowhere, two big-knuckled lumpers attached a trailer to my Kentworth. I didn’t know what was in the trailer and I didn’t want to know. It didn’t matter. The same rules always applied. Drive like a motherfucker, get the load there pronto, and avoid the 

I headed out on a cold, sunny morning, sticking to the big slab. The open road. I listened to Waylon Jennings and some ratchet jaw rhapsodizing about the beauty of America. I couldn’t see it. I’ve been from Beantown to Idiot Island and America to me was busted out highways and rusted train trestles. Potholes and lot lizards. Lanky, long- 
armed pistoleros and the charred husks of dead cities. America: a whore on her back. 

Short stop, a voice on the cb said. Short stop, come back. 

The land was flat until it wasn’t. I entered Minnesota at midnight, hungry and punchy, heart full of rage. America is so big you find yourself in stretches of land emptied of signs and...  more


released August 16, 2019 

This record is the coming together of Green Llama Movement under Tone Liv and Decay's direction. Dibia$e provides the majority of production on the record and is joined by fellow Green Llama producers Fluent and Low Key. Tranzformer, flo[rez] and Aurc also add their production to the mix. Tone Liv and Decay share MC duties with Defcee on the track Deathsport and the legendary Miilkbone of Keep it Real fame on the album closer, Beware. 

All songs written by Tone Liv and Decay the Llama 
except track 3 featuring Defcee and Track 11 featuring Miilkbone 
All songs produced by Dibia$e 
except #2-Aurc, #3-Tranzformer, #6-Low Key, #9-Fluent, #10-flo[rez] 
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Muddy Water Soundbanks by 
Alejandro "Jaz" Jasso 
Executive Producers Daryl Stewart and Alejandro "Jaz" Jasso 
Photography by Ramon ETC (
Layout Sean Doe and Chantala Kommanivanh 
Additional consulting Dart Adams, GQ, and Uncle El. 
What Does it Matter written by B. W. Beard