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777 vol. 3 | (Vast × Pruven) (PreOrder) (
3rd set of the 3 seven song collection between Vast Aire × Pruven. 21 songs total. Original production from the producers matching the vibe of the record. Also, combining lyrics between the two emcees giving art in audio jewel form for the ages.


releases September 27, 2019 

15. Destroy Them (prod. by Dig Dug) 
16. Anti-Hero (prod. by Iron Feather) 
17. Swamp Ninjas (prod. by Dirt E. Dutch) 
18. Mansions Of Thought (prod. by Pruven) 
19. Nosferatu 7 (prod. by Oleg Dray Yard) 
20. Decisional Consequences (prod. by Sizorhandz) 
21. Smoke The Weed That's Growing In My Thoughts (prod. Jak Progresso) 
-cuts by DJ Fred Ones 

Album 777 vol. 3 was mixed and mastered by DJ Fred Ones of T.M.E. studios in the Bronx, NYC.