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Tony Patagonia x Nies Beats - "Visiones En la Niebla" (2019) (
Album Out NOW!!!! at

Artist: Tony Patagonia
Song: Visiones En La Niebla
Producer: Nies Beats
Album: Bendito Sea Hip Hop
Label: Seven Oddities Records, LLC.

Album Description:
With the objective to blatantly show off his outside the box unorthodox rapping concepts, Tony Patagonia is back again with another classic project. Tony has teamed up with producer Nies_beats , from Seville, Spain to bring you his second Spanish release entitled, “Bendito Sea Hip Hop.”

The two have combined to create a laid back and cohesive rhyme to beat illustration of what hip hop has been, should be, and will continue to be. “Bendito Sea Hip Hop” drops officially August 18. For all the information regarding the release make sure to visit