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definition - Loyola Radio (Instrumental) (
In the spring of 2010, I went backpacking trough South America with a couple of friends. I was on the hunt for records the entire time and for about the first month or so was coming up pathetically short with only a couple of 80s records to show for my efforts. 

My luck changed in Sucre, Bolivia. One morning, I asked a guy selling cds at a market if he knew where I could find some vinyl and he wrote down an address for me to check out a few blocks away in downtown Sucre. The address ended up being a local radio station, Radio Loyola Sucre. 

The station had recently stopped using vinyl and was selling off the records they had accumulated over the years. An employee there led me to a room that was essentially a mountain of records with stacks as high as 3ft tall lining the parameter of an otherwise empty room. 

I only had about half an hour or so to dig because it was Friday and they were closing up shop for the weekend. I was leaving the next day so wouldn’t be able to come back when they reopened on Monday. I ended up getting around 40 records in my hands before I had to leave for what amounted to something like thirty cents apiece US. 

I made and recorded all the beats to this project in the Spring/Summer of 2013. All the samples are from the records I got that...  more


released August 15, 2019 

All beats by definition 

Mixed by Tone Atlas 

Post-edits by Shuteyes 

Mastered by Atdenn 

Cover photo by James Pesono 

Cover design by Thomas Rizzo IV