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The main objective of this Broady Champs retrospective is to celebrate 20 years since MarQ Spekt brought the Cult of Icon homie, N.Y.C.E. (HPone/Huey P. Capone) through 338 to link with Abnormal (Buddy Leezle), Golden Scholar/Scholar (Rock On), & PG/Point God (Point Guardian). At one point we were the most feared, but loved group in the Atlanta underground Hip-Hop scene... 

The musical portion includes a few classics, rare gems, and exclusives from the early part of the BC legacy. The fold would later include the addition of producer and emcee, Lex Boogie From The Bronx. Scholar departed the group in 2003, but will always be considered a member and I simply relocated to TX in 2004. 

If you are purchasing the deluxe version of this project, it includes the digital version immediately, a CD of the project, stickers, and a t-shirt featuring our logo that came after the Broady Eagle was "retired", The last time these shirts were available was in 2006 and before that in Ohio at Scribble Jam 2005.


releases August 19, 2019 

1. Wreking Ball (Original) - Produced by Billy Bathgate 
- N.Y.C.E., Scholar, Spekt, PG, Ab 
2.GFB - Produced by Illastrate 
- Ab, PG, Spekt 
3.Barbwire - Produced by - Produced by SL One 
- Ab, N.Y.C.E., Spekt 
4.The Jeffrey - Produced by Doc Riggs 
- Spekt, Ab, N.Y.C.E. 
5.Hungry Wolves - Produced by Doc Riggs 
- N.Y.C.E., Spekt, Ab 
6.Gonnamakeit - Produced by Illastrate 
- Abnormal 
7.Superteam - Produced by ID 4 Windz 
- PG, Scholar, Spekt, N.Y.C.E., Ab 
8.Picasso 1 - Produced by Doc Riggs 
- Point God & Ab 
9.Picasso 2 - Produced by Doc Riggs 
- MarQ Spekt 
10.Silent Alarms - B. Scott 
- Scholar, Spekt, PG, N.Y.C.E. 
11. 88.5 Drop - Produced by Sabertooth 
- Ab, N.Y.C.E., Luz Wed, Spekt 
12.Shadow Government - Produced by ID 4 Windz 
- Scholar, Spekt, Ab, N.Y.C.E., PG 

Illustration by Rhymepuma. 

Pic on CD by 4 Kings Entertainment. 

Graphic Design by QMP Design Co.