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SO.Crates - Mama Danced On Soul Train (
Cazeaux O.S.L.O - "So I'm living in New York, working days at the biggest used book store in the world The Strand, shelving an endless stream of books in the $1 section and occasionally History, when I find a sweet looking hardcover edition of The Encyclopedia of Black Music. It had dope photos, blurbs about obscure session musicians, full discographies, the works so I used my employee discount and got it for 50 cents. 

I met my sweetheart on the J train and we sat together leafing through the pages on our way back to Brooklyn. 

She says, "They have a few pictures from Soul Train on here." 

I say, "Yeah I think my Mom danced on it back in the day." 

She says, "She kind of looks like your Mom, her in the corner there." 

I say, "That is my F*CKIN' MOM!" 

Skomes - "Of Course. We had to make a joint to celebrate Caz's mum. Like all our songs it began with a concept, then i made a beat, then we freestyled it at a few live shows, then Caz' went in and wrote the final lyrics, then we recorded it and thanks to the good people at Northside Records we were able to give it to you in beautiful 7" vinyl format." 

Conceived, recorded, mixed, mastered and pressed on unceded sovereign lands of the Kulin Nations. Australia does not exist.


released August 12, 2019 

Beats by Skomes 
Words by Cazeaux O.S.L.O 
Recorded and mixed by Skomes 
Mastered by Dan Elleson 
Vinyl pressed by Zenith